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Integrate AI into your business and equip your teams with AI skills
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Our guiding principles that deliver results
Deep technical expertise in AI
We leverage our knowledge to transform your company, streamline workflows, and empower teams.
Bespoke collaborative approach
We get to understand clients' needs to deliver custom AI strategies and integrate them by preparing teams for future success.
Practical expertise
in action
We bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation, empowering companies to achieve transformative results.
With Gathers you'll get:
35% Workflow Improvement
Elevate your workflow by allowing our AI to take on routine tasks, freeing your team to focus on what they do best.
28% Faster Adaptability
Adapt to changing market conditions more rapidly
7% Cost Savings
Reduce operating expenses as our AI optimizes various aspects of your business operations
Papers club: Validate hypotheses quickly
Synthesizing new ideas from research papers through active discussion with the participants;
Each event is linked to a specific topic;
Smart matchmaking breakout rooms to learn better from your group of peers;
Real-time solutions feedback from AI/ML expert speakers.
Come for the experts — stay for the community
We unite a multi-faceted European AI ecosystem into one.
Come for
Testimonials from clients
"The course was well presented. I liked the fact that exactly the things that ML engineers will definitely need are taught: jit, and ML flow, and the nuances of video processing, etc."

Nazar Ponochevnyi

Founder & CEOat Harmix
"The courses helped a lot to boost my career. At a high level, the methodology of presenting the material, a lot of associations, examples, and jokes, allows you to learn and remember the material better."

Rostyslav Skliar

Java Technical Leadat Playtika
"Paper Club is a convenient and fast format for discussing new scientific papers. You can get inspired or discuss technical details with colleagues that help to do research in the field of AI more effectively."

Borys Pratsiuk

CTOat Pawa
"Dmytro (lecturer) managed the balance of theory and practiced very well. The mini-projects with their presentation and public discussion were especially useful."

Artem Bachynskyi

Senior Data Scientistat GlobalLogic