AI-Enable Your Company

Boost your organization by defining ready-to-use AI workflows tailored to your business

  • 4 live sessions start coming soon
  • 50 learners per workshop
  • language: english, ukrainian
Chief AI Officer
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We explored full capabilities of GPT models &
Uncovered framework to integrate them seamlessly into your business

Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques
AI-Centric Framework of Thinking
Intuition of what AI is
10x competitive advantage for your organization

Designed for Business owners,
Heads of Departments, or anyone interested in unlocking the value of AI

🔥 No programming skills are required!

     All you need are Notion and ChatGPT&GPT-4.

Kateryna BovaHead of Growth at Gathers
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Session 1

General AI-Powered Prompt Engineering Skills

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Coming soon
AI Demystified: A clear and easy-to-understand explanation of AI.
The AI Revolution: An overview of foundational models and key parameters for optimal performance in GPT-like models.
ChatGPT, GPT-4, and other LLMs: Understanding Differences for various use-cases 
ChatGPT Essentials: Boosting personal productivity with basic use cases and enhancement techniques Practical Deliverable: Created pipelines for personal productivity for common use-cases.
Session 2

Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques

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Coming soon
Diverse Prompt Engineering Approaches: Learn about Zero-shot, Chain of Thoughts (CoT), Self-consistency, Least to Most Prompting, and more.
Crafting High-Impact Prompts: How to create powerful prompts that get results. 
Prompts Ensembling: Combining multiple prompts to achieve even better results.
Security: Exploring creative hacks and protective measures.
IDEs for Prompting: Tools for efficient and structured prompt creation and testing. 
Session 3

AI-Powered Prompting into Organizational Workflows

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Coming soon
Identifying Roles & Information Sources: How to integrate AI into your workplace.
ChatGPT & GPT-4 Task Management: Ensuring efficient & cost-effective workflows.
Reliability: Ensuring consistency and high-quality prompt outcomes.
Business Transformation: Establishing AI-centric processes for organizational transformation.
Session 4

Developing and Optimizing Custom Prompts for Your Organization

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Coming soon
Preparing for In-Context Learning: Data collection and pre-processing. 
Collaborative Solution Development: Working in groups to design powerful prompt pipelines.
Scalability and Optimization: Defining Data assets for organization-wide deployment.
End-to-End Pipelines: Smooth incorporation of AI-powered prompts into existing workflows.
ChatGPT Plugins: Preparing specification for developer to enhance pipelines usability.
Chief AI Officer
ex. Deep Learning Researcher

About Bohdan Pytaichuk

Bohdan is the Chief AI Officer at Gathers, where he helps grow advanced AI organizations in Europe.

He has six years of practical experience in AI as a Deep Learning Researcher. For 1.5 years, he worked at the R&D company Reface, focusing on the rapid creation of AI products and responsible for their technical implementation.

Bohdan is an AI generalist who is knowledgeable in all technical capabilities of the industry and their integration into businesses.

Kateryna BovaHead of Growth at Gathers
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