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IDEAS NCBR sp. z o. o. serves as a vital hub for artificial intelligence research and development, pivotal in Poland’s technological progression. It has dedicated itself to building a robust platform that connects the academic and business worlds, fostering innovation across various sectors. With a strong focus on practical application and commercialization, it is nurturing a new generation of scientists poised to make significant contributions in industry, finance, medicine, and beyond.  

I’m amazed at every new idea that our scientists at IDEAS NCBR have. Each project they undertake is innovative and has great potential for positive social impact implications.
Natalia Podsiadła, Senior Event Specialist, IDEAS NCBR
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Our papers club is a space where we share and discuss the latest academic papers about machine learning, including the newest techniques, models, and algorithms.
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About moderator
Ph.d Student

Konrad Staniszewski is a Ph.D. student at IDEAS NCBR and the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Warsaw.


His research focuses on finding efficient ways to extend the context of Large Language Models. His interests are machine learning, natural language processing, and algorithmics. He got his master's degree at the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw.

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