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    Date: November 9, 2023
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Senior Data Scientist
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Your space to keep up with ML/AI development: regular AI polls, AI quizzes, industry news, etc.

SoftServe is a global digital solutions company with headquarters in Austin, Texas, founded in 1993. Our associates are currently working on 2,000+ projects with clients in the USA, Europe, and APAC region. We are about people who create bold things, who make a difference, who have fun, and who love their work. We are advisors, engineers, and designers solving business challenges with innovative technology solutions.

At SoftServe, we value rapid prototyping and focus on the delivering value, thus all tools and technologies are secondary, the very point is to crack the the problem. It is a creative and challenging process of discovering how to make things work.
Olesia Stetsiuk, AI Healthcare Consultancy Lead, Data Science Group, SoftServe
Gathers papers club
Our papers club is a space where we share and discuss the latest academic papers about machine learning, including the newest techniques, models, and algorithms.
Save weeks of development
By participating in our papers club, you can get valuable insights and feedback on your work from other experts in your field. This can help you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.
Get insights from peers
You’ll get a chance to meet engineers and researchers who work in the same industry as you. Here you share your experiences, discuss industry-specific challenges, and learn from each other.
Keep focus on business
Our papers club focuses on cutting-edge research that is relevant to the business world. This means that you can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and models that are being used in the industry.
Actionable follow-up
Our follow-up content can help you apply what you've learned to your work. Tips and tricks, insights from our experts, and links to the related papers, so you can dive deeper into the topics that interest you most.
About moderator
Senior Data Scientist

Vladyslava Tyshchenko is a seasoned professional at SoftServe, dedicating over seven years to pushing the company's innovation boundaries. Recently recognized as a Professional Machine Learning Engineer by Google Cloud, her technical prowess is unmistakable.

👉 As a leader, Vladyslava steers her dedicated team of data scientists with precision. She is adept at crafting a visionary roadmap, meticulously planning sprints, and honing the overarching product vision. Furthermore, her contribution to system design architecture is a testament to her comprehensive understanding of the field.

👉 As an engineer, she excels in handling vast data sets. Notably, she's pioneered a scalable data pipeline, efficiently processing millions of rows of data daily. Her ingenious approach to optimizing complex systems, like the hybrid graph-based recommendation system, showcases her aptitude for problem-solving.

👉 As a part of the global Data Science community, she is eager to advance the field's collective knowledge. Vladyslava is a beacon for collaboration, championing the sharing of insights and breakthroughs within the broader data science community.

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We will carefully prepare detailed follow-up with main takes after the event plus all the related useful materials
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