Live online course
MLOps foundations: ML System Design and Cloud-Native ML
Welcome to the MLOps basic course, an introduction to the latest approaches for managing the lifecycle of your ML projects. Join us to learn how to manage the deployment of ML models into real-world services.
  • 6 live sessions start June 26, 2023
  • 20 learners per course
  • €550(€450 before 22.06) per seat.
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  • language: English
Designed for ML engineers, data scientists, data engineers, DevOps, and software engineers
Gain new skills:
  • Figure out what are the core principles of MLOps
  • Learn how to properly start ML projects, design the ML architecture and define requirements
  • Get familiar with the Cloud-Native stack and how to use it for ML
  • Get hands-on experience with Docker and Kubernetes in the context of ML
About live online course by Dmytro Voitekh

Live online course suggests live coding and workshop sessions with real-time feedback from experts and colleagues. With each session, you get hands-on experience that can be immediately applied to your work.

We will learn how to plan ML model deployment and use the essential engineering tools - Docker and Kubernetes - to productionalize your ML models.

So, get ready to dive into the world of MLOps and start building your ML project today!

Session 1

Getting started with MLOps

Course overview, course projects topics discussion
MLOps motivation and challenges
Overview of the main MLOps components
ML lifecycle
Session 2

ML System Design

Ideation phase of the ML project
How to approach ML System Design for your project
ML System Design artifacts
How to draw ML System diagrams
Session 3

MLOps tools and environment

Tooling for MLOps
MLOps environment setup
Microservice architecture in ML
Cloud-Native ML intro
Session 4

Docker and k8s for ML

Containerization, Docker
Orchestration, Kubernetes (k8s)
Kubernetes distributions and options for local development
How to use Docker/k8s stack for ML tasks
Session 5

Deep dive into Kubernetes for ML

Scale, monitor, and debug in k8s
K8s external access
Custom resources
Automatic model updates
Session 6

Demo day

Present team projects
Retrospective and follow-up questions
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Teaching expert

Dmytro Voitekh


The current state of ML serving. Challenges and solutions


22nd of June


Live online session

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Lead ML Engineer

Dmytro Voitekh is a seasoned ML engineer with 8 years of experience in machine learning, MLOps, and full-stack engineering. He has a strong background in helping both early-stage startups and established tech companies to leverage ML features. His domains of expertise include machine learning and MLOps, and he has worked as an ML consultant, ML architect/lead, and CTO of a startup.


Dmytro has worked with a number of companies, including Proxet and GIPHY, and his extensive experience in the field makes him a valuable asset for any company that wants to incorporate machine learning into their business processes. He has numerous talks, workshops, and practical courses dedicated to ML, which showcases his expertise in the field.

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