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Building Real-world Recommendation Systems at Every Scale
In this course, you'll gain insight into the recommendation systems built to deliver personalised experiences across various scales, whether you’re building for a start-up for thousands of users, or for a tech giant for billions of users. This comprehensive course goes beyond theoretical concepts, and focuses on practical strategies that are often overlooked in other courses. Explore real-world architectures, tackle scalability challenges, learn how we reduce biases and understand the trade-offs made to align recommendations to businesses. Elevate your skills and become a professional in building recommendation systems that drive engagement and satisfaction, for every scale.
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  • language: English
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Designed for Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and AI Researchers
aiming to understand, design, and implement real-world recommendation systems.
Gain new skills:
  • Understand and design the architecture of scalable recommendation systems.
  • Develop personalization strategies and handle user base scalability from thousands to billions.
  • Align recommendation systems with business objectives, understanding trade-offs in system design.
  • Implement various algorithms and machine learning models in recommendation systems.
  • Evaluate performance, iterate for improvements, and manage bias in recommendation systems.
About live online course by Bhavul Gauri

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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Bhavul is a seasoned ML Research Engineer with over 7 years of experience in Recommendations, NLP and CV space. Currently, he is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Meta (Facebook), driving innovation in Reels for 2B+ MAUs using Graph ML, Transformers, and Language Models. Prior to Meta, he served as an ML Tech Lead at Zapr Media Labs (now Samsung Research) and drove the NLP direction for the company. He also built the entire recommendation stack from scratch for a content streaming app at Zapr Media Labs and led the app from ideation to 1M users, marking a 0->1 growth story.

Bhavul has a proven track record of delivering high-impact projects at companies of all sizes, from small startups like Zapr to tech giants like Meta. He has been recognised for his work ethic, innovation, and business impact through multiple awards. A passionate mentor and speaker, Bhavul regularly engages in conferences, hosts paper reading groups, and guides aspiring ML professionals. He was recently a Keynote speaker at SINFO 30 and gave a talk on evolution of NLP algorithms from Bag of Words to ChatGPT. His unique blend of technical expertise, leadership skills, and commitment to advancing the state of the art in AI make him an invaluable asset in the fields of Machine Learning.

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