Live online course
Art of teams: team management & leadership
Course for managers, who want to lead their teams to great achievements, not just manage them. During 4 weeks together with 8 experts and coursemates, you will learn models for assessing your state and the state of the team, feedback tools, and planning the team’s work in an unpredictable environment.
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    Duration: 4 live sessions start April 4, 2023
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    Price: ₴22000 (₴18000 before 27.03.2023)
    * Get reimbursed by your employer
directors and managers, team leads, product managers and HR BPs
By enrolling, you will:
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    Tools for efficient work with team feedback
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    Algorithm for identifying team strengths and weaknesses
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    Template for assessing yourself and the team
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    Framework for developing leadership qualities
Guest lecturers
Director Of Engineering
Delivery Director
Head Of Talent Management
Chief Of Staff
Data Science Manager
Head of ML Data Management
4 live session
Immediate expert input
Real-world skills

In this course, your training will be built upon a mix of practical knowledge and theory. You’ll understand how to move your team forward and see whether you’re dealing with things in the right way during these uncertain times.

You’ll work in small groups with colleagues who share similar challenges. Most importantly, you’ll acquire the instruments of a true leader, that will ultimately help your team step closer to their goals. The course takes place in a Live online format without video recording.

Course syllabus
Session 1

Team as a system of people

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
10am-1pm EET
Teams gathering people: What makes the team differ from a crowd? How do teams grow and decay, and what makes an organization a team of teams?
Session 2

Myths and rituals in a team

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
1pm-3pm EET
Why do people need myths and rituals?: How does it work? What makes these tools crucial nowadays during the crisis? And how do we use them to gather and lead the team instead of seeing people go?
Session 3

Leader's and team's burnouts

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
10am-1pm EET
About our superpowers, the price we pay for them, the process and reasons for a burnout: How to define the superpower within yourself and in each member of the team, but also how to see its counterpart. How and why do we burn out and how can we prevent it, especially today, when our superpowers face super stress?
Session 4

Dealing with future

Tuesday, April 11, 2023
1pm-3pm EET
About the future defined, undefined, and planned: How to act when you need to plan the company's actions for a year, but only can foresee a week?, How to turn uncertainty into an action plan, that makes sense for you and the team?, How to build relations with the future in a way that provides you support?
Session 5

Leader's growth as a platform for growth of organization

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
10am-1pm EET
About systematic evaluation of the leader and the team from various points of view, boosting the strengths and improving. How to grow along with the organization instead of limiting it. How a leader should deal with the feeling when I can't plan anything, it all seems to fall apart and how to help the team go through this?
Session 6

Leadership in unpredictable circumstances

Tuesday, April 18, 2023
1pm-3pm EET
About management in unpredictable circumstances or How to manage unmanageable — in an organization, in life, in the Universe. We will investigate a case when an organization loses some of its teams and the situation turns into a crisis, that may only be solved by management team collective work.
Session 7

Global context and the rules of big enterprises

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
10am-1pm EET
About global context and so many various rules of the game to be followed around. Why do changes in a legislation system of a country 2000 km away from your organization, may lead to either your IPO or the crash of the business within the next 6 months? How should startups deal with big monsters and vice versa? Learning and teaching the teams to get and understand those signals instead of wondering what on Earth is going on.
Session 8

Feedback in an organization

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
1pm-3pm EET
About the reality leader lives in. Feedback is not just a five-stars form or a performance review. It's one of the most important tools for a leader, it's a source of power, that helps us to stay strong and make really valuable decisions, not the ones that only seem to be important. Feedback is the system of relations within the team that helps to live in the actual reality and make an impact on the future instead of hoping that things will work out somehow, one way or another

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