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AI-Enabling Your Business
Have GPT models left you unimpressed with inconsistent results and generic outcomes? Unsure about the meaning of "AI"? Look no further! Our extensive research into GPT models has led to the creation of a state-of-the-art framework for smooth business integration. Achieve a 10x competitive advantage with our pioneering "AI-Centric Framework of Thinking". Become proficient at Prompt Engineering and acquire tailored AI-driven processes as the outcome. No programming skills needed!
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  • 50 learners per course
  • €400 per seat.
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  • language: English
Chief AI Officer
Designed for Business Owners, Heads of Departments, Independent Entrepreneurs or anyone interested in unlocking the value of AI.
No programming skills are required, all you need are Notion and ChatGPT&GPT-4.
Gain new skills:
  • Implement AI-driven solutions with zero programming knowledge
  • Enhance personal productivity with advanced prompt engineering techniques
  • Accelerate your company's growth with GPT-powered business strategies
  • Gain a competitive advantage by mastering state-of-the-art AI technologies
About live online course by Bohdan Pytaichuk
Session 1

Understanding AI and Its Current Impact

to be announced
to be announced
AI Demystified: An easy-to-understand explanation of AI.
The AI Revolution: Why AI is thriving now. Foundational models. Key parameters of GPT-like models for optimal performance
ChatGPT, GPT-4 and other LLMs: Understanding Differences for various use-cases
ChatGPT Essentials: Boosting personal productivity with basic use cases and enhancement techniques
Session 2

Advanced Prompt Engineering Techniques

to be announced
to be announced
Diverse Prompt Engineering Approaches: Zero-shot, Chain of Thoughts (CoT), Self-consistency, Least to Most Prompting, and more
Crafting High-Impact Prompts. Prompts Ensembling.
Security: Exploring creative hacks and protective measures
IDEs for Prompting: Tools for efficient and structured prompt creation and testing
Session 3

Incorporating AI-Powered Prompting into Organizational Workflows**

to be announced
to be announced
Identifying Roles & Information Sources. Integrating AI into the workplace
ChatGPT & GPT-4 Task Management: Ensuring efficient & cost-effective workflows
Reliability: Ensuring consistency and high-quality prompt outcomes
Business Transformation: Establishing AI-centric processes for organizational transformation
Session 4

Developing and Optimizing Custom Prompts for Your Organization

to be announced
to be announced
Preparing for In-Context Learning. Data collection and pre-processing
Collaborative Solution Development: Working in groups to design powerful prompt pipelines
Scalability and Optimization: Defining Data assets for organization-wide deployment
End-to-End Pipelines: Smooth incorporation of AI-powered prompts into existing workflows

Meet the top expert leading your course

Chief AI Officer
ex. Deep Learning Researcher

Bogdan is a renowned AI specialist with 6+ years of experience, excelling in deep learning research and AI-driven business solutions. As an AI generalist, he stays at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring seamless integration of advanced technology into various businesses. He has a strong track record at Reface, where he was instrumental in AI product development and technical implementation. As the Chief AI Officer at Gathers, Bogdan currently leads the growth of cutting-edge AI organizations across Europe. With a remarkable portfolio that includes the completion of more than 10 successful AI projects across a range of industries, Bogdan showcases his versatility in working with both startups and established corporations. Volunteering in AI strategy consulting for startups, he displays his dedication to nurturing innovation. Bogdan's proficiency in developing trailblazing AI solutions, staying up-to-date with industry progress, and accelerating AI product development renders him an indispensable resource for businesses in search of AI expertise.

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