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At Gathers, we believe that by fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals across diverse domains, we will accelerate innovation and promote the effective implementation of AI/ML solutions in businesses in Europe.


Our approach focuses on providing practical guidance from industry insiders but also creates an environment that encourages active discussion and shared insights among peers.


By connecting senior AI/ML engineers, business and product leaders, and CTOs, we aim to drive efficiency and save development time, ultimately bringing the AI/ML community closer and creating a strong, unified ecosystem for the future.


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Making unique ML/AI knowledge accessible

We democratize AI/ML expertise by offering live practice, insight-driven learning. Our mission: empower AI/ML professionals with exclusive, real-world knowledge, bridging the gap between theory and practice for impactful innovation.

Innovating through domain peers collaboration

By fostering thought-provoking discussions on research papers, we enable participants to synthesize new ideas, get insights from peers, and receive real-time feedback from experts, saving weeks of development time.

Come for the experts — stay for the community

At Gathers, our mission is to foster a vibrant AI  ecosystem where professionals unite for lifelong collaboration. By uniting top industry experts and a diverse community, we facilitate knowledge sharing and lasting connections in a single, thriving space.

Live-online courses

Join our live online courses and advance your skills with real-time cases from industry experts

Papers club

Our Gathers papers club is a space where we share and discuss the latest academic papers about machine learning, including the newest techniques, models and algorithms.

On demand courses

Upgrade your team skills with on-demand courses. Access anytime, anywhere. 

From Ukraine, For Ukraine: Team Track Record

As proud Ukrainians, we not only support our country through daily donations but also through our impactful project, AI for Ukraine. This initiative brought together global AI leaders, such as Yoshua Bengio, Alex Smola, and Gael Varoquaux, to share their unparalleled ML/DL expertise. This project exemplifies our team's commitment to fostering a thriving AI community, and we invite you to take a look at the project!

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